Sephora & Alex


Sephora & Alex were met by some of their closest friends and family at the beautiful location of the Old Church in Milton. The ceremony setting in the front courtyard was the perfect place for these two wonderful souls to exchange vows.

They say its good luck if it rains on your wedding day, well the luck had already started. After the ceremony, family photos and bridal photos had been completed and the guests had entered the marquee, the heavens unloaded with what I can only describe as the heaviest down pour I have ever witnessed.

With a crackin playlist and some heartfelt and hilarious speeches the night rolled along with smiles where ever you looked.

Rian & Ryan


This wedding was quite special to me.

I’ve known these two for a good part of my life, at one stage even living together, so I was honoured when they asked me to capture their day.

This day went off without a hitch, well besides the boys forgetting to grab their flower buttons out of the fridge before heading to the ceremony but hey, thats pretty minor.

The liquor flowed and laughter was frequent throughout the course of the afternoon. The dance floor rocked to a stella playlist and for the good folks that stayed that little bit later they were treated to the bride and grooms signature dance floor hit THE WHALE!